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Jess Loves - This Week's Top Picks

I’m going too... These girls are amazing at what they do, and we absolutely love our wreaths! If you're wanting to learn something new and already have a passion for flowers, book this Christmas wreath workshop now, for only £40! Check them out on Instagram, click here!

I’m blushing away... It’s that time again where I need to invest in some new makeup brushes. I do not want to spend a fortune on them, so I head to Groupon to find these little beauts for only £8.99! BARGAIN! Why spend a fortune when you do not need too!

I’ve organized... Our Christmas work do! It’s been a long time coming but finally, we have set our date and we’re heading to the new central market in Tunbridge Wells for wine and charcuterie boards! Who has been, what are you thoughts?

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