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So, 10 years at Vanity Fair! Wow!

I was 22 with a mind of my own and nobody was going to stop me!

In this journey we have had our ups and downs and now we are back up working at our best! We have a fabulous team, offering what I think or some really great treatments, where we each play to our strengths.

Our treatment menu has changed so much over the years, we used to offer Thalgo facials, who remembers are beauty event days receiving a free facial when you purchased two or more products with our Thalgo rep?

The beauty industry has moved on so much over the years, that we have had to too. We have tried to stick to our beauty ethos and specialize in only beauty treatments, but along the way we have had to learn to get with the times and bring on things like Laser teeth whitening, treatments by Kanvas Cosmetics! These are great additional treatments and I hope as clients you are all glad we are going slightly down the more cosmetic route.

We have had various team members working with us over the years, there is one therapist who I know will stick out in a lot of our clients minds and that is the lovely wee Emma! She was with us for three years before going on to have her beautiful little boy, only two weeks apart from the lovely Ashleigh who also went off to have her gorgeous little man. Can you believe they are both 2 and half! Emma is now expecting her second baby post getting married this summer. Ashleigh has moved into and renovating a house with her fiancé! Life has really changed for both of them and I couldn’t be happier. Well.. I could.. if Emma was still part of the team! ;)

We are going to have a huge party to celebrate all these memories and we would just love for you to come and celebrate with us!

15th August 5-8pm Please rsvp now to receive your free goodie bag!


On this note, we would love to hear all your memories of the salon so please comment below!

Much love Jess and the team at VF! X

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2 comentarios

Elisa Caldwell
Elisa Caldwell
23 sept 2022

Great reading your bllog

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
26 jul 2019

Roll on 15th August! It's going to be a blast!

Me gusta
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