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Top Tips On How To Keep Your Festive Lashes Looking Lush!

If you long for flattering, flirty lashes then opting for eyelash extensions is a winning choice - you’ll be blessed with gorgeous doll-like eyes! Learning how to care for your eyelash extensions is just as important as deciding on which length to go for, so listen up! Make the most of your new dreamy lashes by following our top tips on how to keep them looking lovely for as long as possible.

1. Keep Your Lashes Separate

The last thing you want after forking our for fake lashes is for them to look clumpy or to turn into spider-lashes! So, using a spoolie (lash brush) gently roll and wiggle through your lashes to separate them. Use a very gentle motion though as you do not want to pull any of the lashes off.

2. Sleep On Your Back

If you sleep on your side or on your front at night, you're going to flatten your eyelashes very quickly! Do your very best to sleep on your back while catching some Zzz's to avoid ruining your extensions.

3. Avoid Oil-Based Products

As wonderful as oil-based products are at removing stubborn eye makeup, they're also very good at wiping away your expensive lashes! The oil can degrade the glue which is used to attach the lashes - so avoid, avoid, avoid and opt for oil-free products instead such as micellar water. 

4. Put Down the Mascara

Some of you may want to make your lashes even more fluttery with a coat of mascara. This is absolutely fine as long as you stick to a few rules. 1) Use a water based or oil-free mascara, 2) apply only one coat and 3) be so very gentle when you remove it!

5. Maintain Regular Eyelash Infills

As much as you can care for your lashes at home, you still need to keep up with infills every 2-3 weeks. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be for your stylist to keep your lashes looking full and fabulous!

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