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Talking all things massage with therapist Kasia

Hi, I am Kasia, a beauty therapist at Vanity Fair Beauty. I have 5 years experience and I am trained in all level 2 and level 3 treatments but my favourite treatment to give is massage or facials!

Why massages? There’s lots of myths surrounding massages and one of them is that it is a hard treatment for therapists. Although I agree with this, normally most spas and beauty salons have a massage cap, where a therapist isn’t allowed to do more than four massages a day and maximum of two hours one after another. This way the therapist isn’t tired and warn out, plus good training is important. In collage we are trained basics. I remember when I started as a beauty therapist, my first few months were horrible, I thought I would quit this industry. I had massages one after another with my basic training this took a lot on my back and my wrist very quickly.

After 4 months, my hands had swollen up and I was not very well. My manager then decided to train me in different ways of performing massage and I only did a maximum of four massages a day. Since I was trained in proper posture and I’ve started using my elbows instead of my knuckles, I have never complained about sore hand or back since! There are many different types of massages: Swedish massage: is a gentle form of massage, by kneading use of long strokes, deep circular movement, vibration or tapping will help end energies you. This form of massage is good for people that wish to relax and relieve stress, it may improve your circulation and lower blood pressure. Deep tissue massage: in this massage mainly I will use my elbows. Slow but deep strokes to target the underlying layers of muscle and connective tissue. It may help with muscle damage from injuries and improve range of motion. Hot stone massage: my favourite type of massage it significantly reduced stress and anxiety, melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation and metabolism. Hot stones, when coupled with massage, also help to expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. This is the combination on warm lava stones and hands to massage away the tension. When you come to Vanity Fair Beauty please ask therapist about incorporating Hot Stone into your next massage. Pregnancy massage: There’s still lots of people that think massages during pregnancy isn’t safe. This isn’t true. Massage during pregnancy can be very beneficial for mother and child. Massage in second and third trimester will reduce stress, anxiety, depression and many aches and pains experience during pregnancy. Therapist will make sure that you’re safe and secure on massage bed that you can just relax and enjoy. We even have a ‘U’ pillow so you can just fully relax on the heated couch! A myth is that you should feel sore after the massage the next day. It is absolutely normal to feel tenderness the next day especially if you receive a deep tissue or sports massage although is also normal to feel no pain. But if you do get headaches or muscle soreness this is known as a healing crisis, meaning you can feel worse before you get better. How many of us therapist been told to say that by massage we are flushing the toxins out of the body. Apparently this is a very common misconception. There is no scientific evidence that massage can release toxins from your muscle, however massage can improve circulation which will help with your body’s natural ability to dispose of waste. Most massage sessions are between 60 to 90 min long. Prices may range from £50-£120 Some may think this is expensive but I really feel this is less than what we spend on one night out. Massages will help with stress, anxiety, depression and only will make you feel better. If you think massages will help you try to budget for the month but also ask your therapist for massage course as that is cheaper over the long run and will save you money.

I would love to welcome you to the salon to experience one of the massages Vanity Fair Beauty offers, find out more here.

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