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Why our gel nails are pretty amazing!

I ask every week to my nail clients have you had gel nails before and near on 9/10 they say yes I’ve had Shellac Gel nails before but they ruined my nails!

I want to tell you about the differences in nail brands and what sets them apart from each other and also what sets us apart from other salons and why you shouldn’t be put off by previous experiences!

Quite often Shellac is used as one of the original gel brands, a lot of the nail bars use them, and with that they tend to remove them with drills! This is never going to be a true reflection of how good gels can be, as your nails are bound to weaken from this!

So what’s the difference with our gels?

As you all may know, we offer a wide range of gels such as Jessica Gelleration, BiSou, The manicure Company and Bio Sculpture.

The main difference between each brand is the pigment of the gels, which are incredible I may add!! A colour for every occasion!

Each brand will be applied very nearly exactly the same by curing under a UV lamp, but they each will have a different texture and grip to the nail bed.

For instance, Gelleration will feel slightly thicker and glossier to Bio sculpture which feels thinner but tighter to the nail bed. One person will prefer Jessica Gelleration and another will prefer Bio sculpture!

We like variety at Vanity Fair, and making sure we have a brand that suits everyone, as everyone has different nails and an idea of what works for them.

Top tip! With every set of gel nails we apply to the center of the nail bed a Jessica nail treatment like critical care or fusion, one will add strength to weak nails, the other will help with peeling nails. We have 6 different treatments to make sure we are treating all of your nail concerns. The whole time your gels are on, we have the treatment locked in to keep your nails as strong and healthy as possible. When you visit your next nail salon suggest they do the same but remember only to the center of the nail bed, not the whole nail!

Removing gels is also the key part to making sure your nails stay strong and healthy. We soak, wrap and put your hands into heated mitts to help gently lift the gels off. We avoid over filing on the nail beds and make sure we always tidy the cuticles and apply more treatment and finish with the Jessica phenomenon oil.

Day to day your nails will always grow with gels because you have the support, as don’t forget, we use our hands for everything! They will be used as tools to open that tin, typing on the computer, all things that weaken your nails!

There are so many brands and salons out there, some of which that are better than others. The important things to look out for are that the gels are applied evenly and covering the whole nail bed and free edge. We use an extra third coat, really making sure your have durability, making sure your nails lasts as long as possible ideally up to three weeks on hands and 6-8 weeks on toes!

Have you had a nail brand that you love? Comment below and tell me about your favorites!

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