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We just love these Bali Sun Tanning Oils

I have used these two products for the last four years whilst on holiday. Honestly the tanning oil really gives me a deeper, longer lasting tan. I apply this every morning of my holiday, then apply my SPF on top to protect my skin from burning. As my skin gets used to being in the sun I will apply this tanning oil more frequently through out the day too, as I watch my tan get darker and darker! Who else loves to get a good tan?

Top Tip!! This has its key ingredient CACAO which adds intense hydration to the skin but also if you apply it to the hair whilst sunbathing or over night, it will nourish the hair too!

After my long day in the sun and post shower, I hydrate my skin with my shimmering oil. This has an intense shimmer glow perfect for all your summer holiday evening nights out.

This duo is a match made in heaven as they smell amazing, feel beautiful and make your skin looking incredible!

Bali sun have a hug range of products now from their tanning oils, to SPF, to fake tan and now even to a coconut lip balm with SPF. They offer all your holiday must haves in one place. So head long to their website now and get ordering!

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