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Are you listening to your skin?

We've stumbled across this fantastic blog from one of our favourite skincare brands, Vida Glow. It's so insightful we have decided to share:

Have you noticed that your breakouts are always in the same place such as your chin or your forehead? Before you assume this is just a coincidence, this is actually your body telling you something inside needs to be fixed! Our face essentially acts as a mirror to what is happening in the body. What is happening on the inside, is usually a true reflection of what is happening on the outside. As healthy skin plays such a big part in us feeling beautiful, it can be hard to feel confident if we are constantly battling breakouts

Luckily for us, this is where skin mapping can help!

Skin mapping stems from ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine where any malfunction in our organs or systems (immune, respiratory) will show up on the face in the form of breakouts, redness, dryness or irritation.

Skin mapping allows us to narrow down specific symptoms that may be causing imbalances in the body. It makes it a lot easier to recognise our bodies signals and identify what our bodies need.

Here are the ways in which you can recognise what is happening inside and how you can prevent breakouts from happening moving forward!

Forehead: Bladder and Intestines

Breakouts on your forehead are a clue that your body is having a hard time breaking down certain foods. It can also relate to constipation and IBS.


– Change your sleep cycle! Your liver will thank you for it. Ensure you are in bed before 10am every night.

– Drink lots of water to flush out your system

– Take a digestive enzyme supplement to help absorb nutrients and improve digestion. Our Beauty Greens is great for this.

Above The Eyebrows

Are you feeling sick? Breakouts above the forehead are a sign your immune system is battling hard to fight of infection.


– Drink a lot of water with a slice of lemon to ease these symptoms.

Between the Eyebrows: Liver

Sugary and high in fat foods cause breakouts in between our eyebrows. Foods high in fat and also sugar will cause inflammation causing redness and blemishes to our face.


– Avoid alcohol and smoking

– Eat lighter foods and cut back on dairy and red meat

Ears and Temples: Kidneys

Dehydration and poor lymphatic circulation could be the causes of irritation to this area.


– Drink more water

– Avoid smoking and alcohol

– Eliminate sweetened and caffeinated beverages such as coffee

– Avoid processed/ fast foods.

Right Cheek: Lungs and Respiratory System

Believe it or not, but our left and right cheek tell us different signs of distress in our body. Our right cheek relates to sinuses and allergies such as hay fever or pollution in the air.


– Keep an active lifestyle to keep lungs healthy

– Drink lots of green vegetable juices including dark leafy greens, kale, cucumber, celery

– Drink lots of water with lemon 

Left Cheek: Liver and Stomach

Our left cheek links to our liver and stomach which can indicate signs of inflammation in the mouth and exposure to pollution


– Eat cooling foods for your mouth, such as melons and cucumbers

– Practice proper cleansing hygiene, especially if you live in a polluted city

Chin & Jawline: Stomach, Kidney and Reproductive Organs

Pimples in the middle of the chin are linked to our digestive system. Eating too much fat or drinking too much coffee can cause constant breakouts in this area


– Reduce the habit of eating before bed

– Avoid fats and processed sugar

– Reduce stress as much as possible by practicing yoga and meditation

– Sleep early and wake up early to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night

– Encourage a good night’s sleep with Vida Glows Beauty Sleep so our organs can rest.

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