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Ayurvedic Massage by Anastasia

Through my yoga journey I have met amazing people and was introduced to Ayurveda, which means ‘knowledge of life’. It is an ancient system of healing emanating from India thousands of years ago and is now practiced all over the world to heal the body and mind. It is true to say that Ayurveda truly inspired me. Since then I have spent my time learning about the ancient technique of Ayurvedic massage as it is used to treat a wide range of conditions and ailments in addition to relaxing the state of mind. I went on to complete a 200 hour Ayurveda massage course and I am a qualified Kent based member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association in the UK.

In physical terms, it helps the vital activity of all body systems – immune, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, vascular, muscular, skeletal, digestive and lymphatic. In terms of psychic health massage brings peace of mind, promotes the process of self-healing, stops the aimless wandering of the mind and brings complete relaxation. In the body’s energy plan, massage restores the correct movement of energy in the body, eliminates the damage to the energy cocoon, cleans and significantly enhances human energy.

Massage with warm oils is a unique Ayurvedic therapy used to restore health, assist in deep relaxation and improve the quality of life. Ayurveda massage is especially effective in disorders of the nervous system (insomnia, neurasthenia, migraine, and chronic fatigue syndrome), metabolic disorders, endocrine and digestive systems, diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Here are the most popular Ayurvedic massages:

De-stress (Abhyanga Massage) – full body massage for deep relaxation of the muscles and nervous system. Warm organic oils help to reduce tension, bringing a sense of wellness and inner calm guaranteed to get you drifting away. Excellent remedy for stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Price: 60 min £75;

Detox (Udvartana Massage ) – immerse yourself in a detoxifying full-body herbal treatment, which moves lymphatic fluid, clears blocked energy. Removes toxins, helps weight loss and boosts energy.

Price: 60 min £87

Massage for Stiff Achy Body ( Pinda Sweda ) – a rejuvenating Pinda Sweda

massage is the perfect remedy for sluggish energy and a stiff achy body. The homemade herbal bags are used to massage localised areas of the body, helping to relieve muscular, neurological and joint pain, and reduce local swelling and stiffness.

Price: 60 min £90

Abdominal Massage to Improve Digestion ( Nabhi Abhyanga)– This Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage is a perfect detox treatment. Nabhi Abhyanga stimulates and regulates our inner digestive fire, toning the abdominal muscles. This massage helps with constipation, gas, bloating and weight loss. Organic warm herbal oils are massaged into abdomen followed by gentle stretches.

Price: 30 min £47

Facial (Mukha Abhyanga Massage) – warm oil is massaged over energy points improving blood circulation and stimulates the muscles giving a natural face-lift. Results in glowing, radiant skin.

Price: 45 min £55

Come and read more on Ayurveda here:

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